"I watched my whole life change. I spent hours reading the Bible and I became a better person from the inside out." This is a quote from Brea Miles. A rising voice in Christian Hip Hop. With two projects under her belt and a third slated to release in the last quarter of 2015. Brea has captivated audiences for the last 7 years, with her passion felt lyrics and overwhelming stage presence. Brea has truly made her mark in this emerging genre. With her last album "Exposed" charting in iTunes top 10 Gospel.

Many are eager to hear the follow up album that is said to have some heavy hitters both in production and features. Not only has Brea had the opportunity to minister to church crowds but she has also made some headway with mainstream audiences. Preforming for the United States troops on several occasions. Entertaining the troops from Spiritual Fitness Concert Series to annual Freedom Fest. Brea has captured the minds and hearts from the East to the West. She previously resided in Seattle, WA where she attended Christ the King Bible fellowship and served as the youth ambassador for 6 years. Currently residing in Washington, D.C. Brea really hopes to communicate through her music that God's love can heal the brokenhearted, restore hope, and transform lives. She is driven by the truth that the only way to gain life is by surrendering to Christ.





Tour coming SOON